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Wydarzenia w AGH

Wydarzenia w AGH

Seminarium ACMiN: Donor–Acceptor Oligopyrroles and Beyond. Functional Aromatics via Naphthalimide Fusion

Akademickie Centrum Materiałów i Nanotechnologii AGH zaprasza na seminarium, które odbędzie się 1 grudnia 2022 r. o godz. 14.00.

Wykład zatytułowany Donor–Acceptor Oligopyrroles and Beyond. Functional Aromatics via Naphthalimide Fusion wygłosi prof. dr hab. Marcin Stępień (Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Wydział Chemii).

Miejsce: ACMiN AGH (ul. Kawiory 30, bud. D-16, sala audytoryjna 1.02 A)


Systematic tuning of electronic energy gaps in organic molecules can be achieved by homologation (oligomerization) of linear π-conjugated motifs, by ring expansion of π-conjugated macrocycles, and by extension of fused ring systems in two dimensions. A complementary approach relies on combining donor and acceptor (D–A) moieties, with diverse recent applications in small-molecule and polymer chemistry. The D–A paradigm is particularly suitable for the development of tunable building blocks, which can be constructed by judicious merging of existing electron-deficient and electron-rich motifs. A simple and potentially productive design of such a hybrid structure is achieved by combining naphthalenemonoimide (NMI, red) and pyrrole (blue), as shown below.

We will discuss the application of these and similar pyrroles as building blocks for the synthesis of diverse polycyclic aromatics, including macrocycles, heteroatom-doped nanocarbons, and small-molecule dyes. These systems reveal rich redox chemistry, spanning multiple oxidation levels, tunable optical signatures extending into the near infrared, and an ability to form complex supramolecular assemblies. We will also discuss our attempts to extend the concept of NMI fusion to non-pyrrolic heterocycles and carbocycles.