• Professor Ryszard Hejmanowski

Deputy Dean

  • Elżbieta Jasińska, DSc 
  • Professor Łukasz Ortyl
  • Professor Tomasz Bergier

Fields of studies

Geodesy, Surveying and Cartography


Environmental Monitoring and Engineering

The AGH UST Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering was established on 1st October, 1951, on the basis of two existing units: the Geodesy Department at the Faculty of Engineering of the AGH Polytechnic Faculties, and the Department of Mining Surveying at the Faculty of Surveying and Geology. Initially, the faculty students were educated in geodesy and cartography, specialisations covering mining surveying and engineering, and industrial geodesy.


At present, the faculty’s research activities focus on the implementation of computer science in the context of spatial data processing, and on using modern metering and measurement techniques for the purpose of industrial, architectural and infrastructure stocktaking.


Research activities cover the implementation of the GPS technology, terrestrial and aerial laser scanners, and the application of radar interferometry. Extensive studies have also been conducted into the use of remote sensing and photogrammetric methods for the purpose of monitoring the natural environment and historic buildings.


In the area of environmental engineering, the research activities aim at the improvement of methods used for determining the quality level of all environmental components. Scientific studies include research into the amount of emitted pollutants coming from various sources, focus on their influence on the ecosystem, and the optimisation of industrial technologies in order to weaken their harmful effect. Various methods of environmental management such as air quality management, water, sewage and waste management have also been developed. A lot of attention is paid to soil surveying, the reclamation of contaminated sites, and the restoration of their biological functions.