• Professor Piotr Oprocha

Deputy Dean

  • Professor Jakub Przybyło
  • Professor Paweł Przybyłowicz
  • Jolanta Golenia, PhD
  • Anna Pudełko, PhD

Fields of study


Mathematics has been present at the AGH University of Science and Technology since its origin. The first Rector of the university, professor Antoni Hoborski, was a mathematician.


In 1969, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Descriptive Geometry were merged in order to form the Institute of Mathematics, an interfaculty unit whose staff members taught at all university faculties. The institute became the Faculty of Applied Mathematics in 1997. Currently, the Faculty has the authority to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in mathematics.


The research activities cover various areas of mathematics and its applications, including discrete mathematics, in particular, graph theory, functional analysis, numerical methods, computational mathematics, statistics, differential equations, geometry, and stochastic analysis applied to finance.


The Faculty of Applied Mathematics runs first-cycle, second-cycle and  third-cycle programs in mathematics. Postgraduate studies are also offered.  The programs are focused on applied mathematics and shall provide students with practical skills which can be applied to computer science, finance, insurance, management, and various areas of technology.


Surveys shows that 100% of faculty graduates find employment in industry, banks, insurance companies, administration, and education.