• Professor Piotr Oprocha


  • Associate Professor Jakub Przybyło
  • Associate Professor Paweł Przybyłowicz
  • Jolanta Golenia, PhD
  • Anna Pudełko, PhD


  • Department of Mathematical Analysis, Computational Mathematics and Probabilistic Methods
  • Department of Discrete Mathematics
  • Department of Financial Mathematics
  • Department of Differential Equations

Fields of study


The Faculty of Applied Mathematics was established in 1997, though mathematics and mathematicians had been present at the AGH UST since the early beginnings of the university. In fact, the first Rector of the AGH UST, Professor Antoni Hoborski, was a mathematician. Therefore, the faculty became an active academic unit with an excellent reputation and renown, which is corroborated by its high rankings, based on its academic status and teaching achievements. The Faculty of Applied Mathematics is ranked as the A-category academic institution, entitled to confer doctor's degrees and postdoctoral qualifications in mathematics.

Academic staff members at the faculty are involved in research work within the framework of statutory activity, as well as in numerous grants and projects, both on the national and international level. The major research areas include discrete mathematics (with the main focus on graph theory), functional analysis, computational mathematics, the theory of differential equations (ordinary, stochastic, and partial equations), dynamic systems, differential geometry, statistics, and stochastic analysis, as well as various applications of mathematics.

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics offers courses in the field of mathematics where students get acquainted with the subject and gain the required competences, at the same time exploring the applications of mathematics. The syllabus is evolving to incorporate new courses in line with new developments in the field of mathematics and the requirements of the job market. Students have the opportunity to attend courses taught by academics from both Polish and foreign universities and to receive instruction from specialists outside the AGH UST, who use mathematics as a practical tool in their professional careers. They are also encouraged to develop new skills by participating in the activities of the student research clubs and associations operating at the faculty.

The nature of second-cycle studies is almost entirely individual. Currently, we offer six specialisations to students: financial mathematics, computational and computer mathematics, actuarial mathematics and statistical data treatment, mathematics in computer science, mathematics in technical and natural sciences, and mathematics in management. With the help of tutors, students can make their own decisions and choose their career paths.

Graduates from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics are highly-skilled specialists, sought-after on the job market. They find employment in banks, insurance companies, the IT sector, administration, education, and industry, as well as in academic and research centres in Poland and abroad. Those seeking an academic career have the opportunity to continue their studies at the AGH UST Doctoral School.