AGH UST Graphic symbol

Among all the primary elements, the AGH UST graphic symbol expresses the character and policy of the AGH University best.

The AGH UST graphic symbol consists of a signet and logotype. The signet is divided into three parts, each of which comprises in turn three longitudinal elements (stripes). It has a form of a stylised eagle, referring in this symbolic and simplified way to the AGH UST emblem. In the coloured version of the symbol, the signet has three colours.
The logotype consists of the University initials, which were specially designed to have a unique form.

The AGH UST graphic symbol is the only sign used to identify the AGH University of Science and Technology visually on everyday basis. It has replaced the AGH UST emblem, which used to have such a function. Nowadays, the AGH UST emblem serves promoting the history and scientific legacy of AGH UST exclusively.

In the promotional materials, it is possible to use the AGH UST graphic symbol along with the university full name in Polish or English. The name can be placed symmetrically or asymmetrically relative to the symbol.

In the symmetric layout, the university full name is located under the AGH UST symbol and centred relative to the vertical axis of the signet. The Polish name was designed in three versions: one-line, two-line and three-line versions. In English, the full name of the university has two versions: one-line and two-line versions.
Selecting a version, one should consider the size of the carrier and composition aspects.