University campus

A unique feature of our campus in comparison to other Polish universities is primarily the fact that the teaching and research facilities, university administrations, student organisations, sport and recreational facilities, as well as student accommodation are all located in one district of the city, hence creating an integral system.

The university campus is located between the streets of Mickiewicza, Reymonta, Buszka, Tokarskiego, Armii Krajowej, Gramatyka, Nawojki, and Czarnowiejska (38 hectares of land).  An unquestionable asset of the campus is its perfect location (within walking distance of the Main Market Square), as well as easy access to a number of trams and buses. 

The university campus comprises the following buildings and facilities:   

  • Teaching and lecture buildings
  • The Main Library
  • Student canteens
  • A health centre
  • Student houses
  • Sports halls
  • Student clubs
  • Shops and service-providing facilities
  • Auxiliary services and facilities

The AGH UST campus is distinguished by its exceptionally elegant green space design. There are parking spaces for cars in a close proximity to the university lecture buildings. Additionally, the campus features many cycle stands and racks, as well as roofed parking spaces for bicycles.