AGH UST Emblem

The AGH UST emblem shows a stylised eagle with a crown and a shield with the Pick and Gad (the mining emblem) as well as AGH UST initials.

The present version of the emblem was designed on the basis of a drawing made in 1925 by assistant professor of the Cracow ASP Academy of Fine Arts, Bogdan Treter, and a graphic application of the drawing preserved on a diploma awarded to Ignacy Mościcki in 1934. The AGH UST emblem ought to be used exclusively to promote the history and scientific legacy of AGH UST and in AGH UST rector's documents exclusively.

The AGH UST Rector's approval is required for other applications.

The AGH UST emblem is not available on the website containing the Book of Visual Identification. To receive further information, contact the Department for Information and Promotion.

At present, it is required to use the AGH UST graphic symbol to identify the AGH UST visually.