University Board

The members of the University Board for the term 2021–2024 are:

  • Krzysztof Pawiński, DSc – Chairman of the Board,
  • Philippe De Brouwer, DSc,
  • Bogusław Ochab, MSc,  
  • professor Zbigniew Kąkol,  
  • professor Kazimierz Wiatr,  
  • professor Magdalena Hasik,
  • Chairman of the AGH UST Student Government – Jakub Śliwiński, student.  


The tasks of the University Board include: 

  • evaluating the proposal for the university strategy,  
  • evaluating the proposal for the university statute,  
  • monitoring the financial management of the university,  
  • monitoring the overall management of the university,  
  • nominating candidates for the position of rector, after an opinion expressed by the Senate,  
  • evaluating the report concerning the implementation of the university strategy,  
  • granting an approval for the disposal of fixed assets whose market value or the market value of the subject of a legal transaction exceeds PLN 2,000,000.