University Board

The members of the University Board are six people appointed by the AGH UST Senate, of which three individuals are not part of the university community.

The members of the first University Board are: 

  • professor Janusz Filipiak,  
  • Bogusław Ochab, MSc,  
  • Krzysztof Pawiński, DSc, 
  • professor Zbigniew Kąkol,  
  • professor Kazimierz Wiatr,  
  • professor Magdalena Hasik
  • Chairman of the Student Government - student Marcin Krukowski.  


The tasks of the University Board include: 

  • evaluating the proposal for the university strategy,  
  • evaluating the proposal for the university statute,  
  • monitoring the financial management of the university,  
  • monitoring the overall management of the university,  
  • nominating candidates for the position of rector, after an opinion expressed by the Senate,  
  • evaluating the report concerning the implementation of the university strategy,  
  • granting an approval for the disposal of fixed assets whose market value or the market value of the subject of a legal transaction exceeds PLN 2,000,000. 

The term of office for the first University Board will end on 31st December 2020.