Colour scheme

The colour palette is the fundamental component of visual identity and influences the perception of the receiver the most. Consistent application of a defined colour scheme, together with the care taken to ensure that all colours used on all identity media are alike, might be conducive to the colour scheme becoming the element that everyone recognises immediately and associates with the University.

The colours used in the coloured version of the graphic symbol – green, black, and red – pertain to the traditional symbolic colour scheme related to mining and metallurgy.

White is the complimentary colour appearing in the monochromatic, negative version of the symbol. The Pantone Opaque White paint is to be applied only in case of reproducing the aforementioned version of the symbol on backgrounds other than white (e.g., printing the symbol on gadgets in colours other than white).

See below for exact information on the primary colour scheme of the symbol in various colour palettes.