AGH UST Visual Identity System

The AGH UST Visual Identity System is a set of rules and carefully designed patterns that were created to consolidate the desired opinions about the University among staff, students, and external recipients. The way in which the University is seen both externally and by its own staff and students has a direct impact on its status on the educational market, as well as its image in the social consciousness and awareness. Creating a coherent image helps not only to set the University apart against the competitors, but also to persuade and encourage potential partners and students to establish connections with the University. In modern times, higher education institutions have noticed the importance of the conscious creation of their own image, namely, what is their nature, what can they offer, and how they put it into practice. Polish universities have too realised the potential of self-creation and more and more often decide to devise a comprehensive identity strategy, the aim of which is to showcase, in the most unique way, their philosophy and methods of operation, as well as to create an original and outstanding image.


A comprehensive identity strategy comprises:

  • Visual system
  • Behavioural system (the manner of interacting with the environment)
  • Communication system (promotional activities)


According to research, our knowledge, opinion, and perception are governed predominantly by visual experiences; hence the importance of the visual system in a comprehensive identity strategy. Furthermore, graphic elements directly influence the creation and perception of one’s image, helping to build status and a profile of openness and friendliness. The key task of this Visual Identity System is to present AGH University of Science and Technology as a modern university that preserves tradition and prides itself on its history, as well as educates world-class specialists.


The fundamental element of the AGH UST Visual Identity System is the Visual Identity Book. It is a simplified compendium of knowledge about the visual system of the AGH UST.