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The 6th KGK Space Resources Conference will take place between May 15 and 16, 2023 at the AGH UST. The organiser of the event is the Space Technology Centre.

The conference is a space for discussion of the most recent and cutting-edge technologies related to contemporary problems of space exploration and use of space resources to improve the condition of life on Earth and protect its environment. During the event, research results will be presented that revolve around mining, transporting, and producing resources from space, as well as developing settlements on the Moon and Mars.

The conference agenda includes plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations, special sessions, panel discussions, and tutorials.

Scheduled sessions:

  • Society and space, space education, sustainability
  • Space Resources and Deep Space Problems
  • Earth Observation and Sensors Issues
  • Space Structures – Guidance & Navigation and Control & Community Issues
  • Small Satellites Design and Operations
  • Space Architecture: Habitats and Bases
  • Subspace Missions Issues
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Space Industry.

More details and registration