AGH UST Student Research Clubs Council together with Student Research Clubs organised “Workshops for Ukraine”

On May 14, 2022, under the name “Warsztaty dla Ukrainy” [Workshops for Ukraine], members of the AGH UST student research clubs organised a number of multifarious activities intended for Ukrainian refugees who are currently staying at the AGH UST Student Campus. The workshops turned out to be a great relief and joy for the children, young people, and adults who participated therein. The idea came from the AGH UST Student Research Clubs Council.

For the youngest, the organisers have prepared the one and only “Zephyr’s Nursery School”. Children also participated in Japanese sword-fighting lessons, learned the basics of self-defence, discovered why planes fly, and made objects from clay.

The organisers did not forget about the older children and adults. They were invited to visit the anechoic chamber, learn the secrets of wind turbines, and steer the handlebars of an electric motorcycle. Additionally, the could take an IT course in the basics of coding in C++ and Python, as well as discover the secrets of artificial intelligence.

The courses and other activities were coordinated by students from the following student Research Clubs: Glider, Kernel, Integra, Nova Energia, Ignis, AGH Space Systems, Ceramika Artystyczna, Spaceteam AGH, AGH Solar Plane, Eko-Energia, E-Moto AGH, Hefajstos, Akustyka Architektoniczna.

Additionally, a group of volunteers helping the organisers came from the following clubs: Inspektor, Menadżer Jakości, GEOFON, Integra, Kernel, Zarządzanie.

The photos were taken by Nina Smoleńska.