‘Staszic’ – new electric motorcycle constructed by AGH UST students has arrived

photo by Zbigniew Sulima, AGH UST

Higher speed and engine power coupled with longer riding time on one charge – this is how ‘Staszic’ compares to its predecessor. It is the second off-road electric motorcycle built so far by AGH UST students from the E-Moto AGH Team. The motorcycle premiered officially on 18 October 2018 at the University campus, yet the machine has already notched some success in this year’s season.

The official presentation was attended by, among others, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Student Affairs  Professor Anna Siwik as well as several representatives of the authorities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics and the Faculty of Energy and Fuels.

‘Staszic’ was named after the patron statesman of AGH UST to commemorate the University’s 100th. academic year, which was officially opened recently. Compared to the original design, the new machine has been improved and some new functionalities have been added. ‘Staszic’ now enjoys almost four times the power of its predecessor. The time that the motorcycle can run on a single charge has also changed – it is now 2 hours, half an hour longer than in the earlier version. ‘Staszic’ reaches significantly higher speeds compared to the original vehicle and can accelerate to 120 kph. The machine’s better performance is also due to the new location of the electric engine – it is currently mounted inside the frame, instead of the rear wheel.

An additional feature the students improved on in their latest version is the expanded mobile application, which enables one to read more of the motorcycle’s parameters. Also, the computer mounted in Staszic has been equipped with a more comprehensive interface. The constructors relied more heavily on 3D printing when developing the machine’s elements. Still, what the constructors regard as essential is the environmental aspect of their design. The use of alternative power source offers an advantage over combustion vehicles as it eliminates not only pollution issues but also the problem of noise generated by the engine.

The new motorcycle’s greatest achievement so far has been its participation in this year’s Red Bull Megawatt 111 – the most prestigious off-road motorcycle event held in Poland. AGH UST students had a chance to compete on one course with professional riders. The motorcycle also entered two SmartMoto Challenge events held in Barcelona and Wrocław, where it competed with other machines designed by students from all over Europe. Staszic took third place in both events.

E-Moto AGH is an organisation of 40 members representing three academic research associations. SKN Mechanics of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics – the project coordinator – deal with the construction, the engine and the mechanical parts of the vehicle. SKN Hydrogenium of the Faculty of Energy and Fuels are responsible for the power supply and the battery. SKN Spectrum of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications handle wireless communication.