Electric surfboard made by AGH UST student

Igor Łukasiewicz – electric surfboard's designer

Electric surfboard

A student of the AGH University of Science and Technology  has built a surfboard with electric drive. This environmentally-friendly and innovative project came into being as part of his master thesis. The market of environmentally-friendly water equipment is in the phase of development – until now, only about two thousand surfboards of this kind have been sold, mainly in the Unites States and Australia. 

The electric surfboard is a design of Igor Łukasiewicz, a student of Mechanical Engineering at AGH UST. The device is a type of non-emission water equipment, which makes it possible to surf on bodies of water using an electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. An interesting element of the vehicle are its hydro-wings – devices generating power that elevate the board above the surface of water. Thanks to it, the user has a feeling of floating in the air. 

The board is 1.5 m long, and its pylon, on which the wings are mounted, has 0.85 m. The equipment is also very light – the structure of the board weighs 9 kg, and the entire device with its electronics and batteries reaches the weight of 17 kg. Vehicles of this kind can reach the speed of up to 40 km/h, and the capacity of batteries is enough for one hour of fun in water. Additionally, with the use of a hand-operated controller, the user can monitor the speed and the battery charge, and they can also regulate the power of the motor. 

The manoeuvrability of the electric surfboard is comparable to water scooters, but thanks to hydro-wings it provides the user with much more possibility for entertainment, for example, performing acrobatic manoeuvres in the air. The manoeuvres that can be carried out thanks to the board are a combination of windsurfing and kitesurfing. The device enables the user to surf even with no waves. 

The design is a result of passion and love for sailing and renewable energy. For several years, the author was also a member of the AGH UST Solar Boat, which deals with the construction of electric boats fully powered by solar energy. At the moment, the surfboard is a constantly-improved prototype in the phase of tests on water. In the near future, the design will be presented at the conference Impact mobility rEVolution'19 in Katowice.