AGH UST Team to build solar house

Heliostat – a device from AGH

A team of researchers from the AGH University of Science and Technology will build a solar home as part of the Solar Decathlon China 2021 Competition. AGH UST will work on this innovative project together with a technical university from China. Our University is the first in Poland to take part in the global edition of Solar Decathlon competitions.

The Faculty of Energy and Fuels has been invited to make a contribution to the competition by the Project leader: China University of Mining and Technology. The ultimate research aim for the University team will be to design the energy-related aspects of the home. Additionally, AGH UST is responsible for finding partners from research centres and companies as well as individuals connected with modern construction industry, interested in joining this extraordinary project. 

The main challenge to be tackled by participants in the competition is to create, from scratch, a structure that could be entirely powered with solar energy. As the name itself suggests, the initiative constitutes solar decathlon - the completed buildings will be ranked under 10 different categories, such as energy efficiency, market potential, comfort and environmental friendliness. The key point will be to ensure that the final structure is recognized for its functionality, affordability and attractive design.

A team of AGH UST scientists are just commencing the first stage of work, which involves creating models and tests for energy systems to be deployed in the building. They are designing, among other things, photovoltaic cells, solar thermal collector as well as heat, cold and light distribution systems. Their work is expected to produce an optimised house of the future with maximum energy gained at the lowest cost.

The solar home building competition is a regular event held on six continents. The AGH UST team is taking part in the Solar Decathlon China 2021 Edition. The Polish-Chinese partnership will compete with several other teams representing various corners of the world. The houses built for the contest will be erected in China to offer accommodation in a living complex during the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing. The buildings will also serve as laboratories and models for research and analytical work on sustainable energy development.

The AGH UST team of – currently - 9 persons is still looking for volunteers to join the project.

Detailed information on the project