AGH UST Innovator – Modern laboratories at the AGH UST

The laboratories at the AGH University of Science and Technology are a unique space in which scientists get to know the world in macro-, micro-, and nanoscale. On the path to a scientific success, both in the area of fundamental research and practical applications, modern equipment is an indispensable tool which provides critical support for the conducted research.


The AGH University of Science and Technology has 680 laboratories with unique equipment, including transmission electron microscopes, devices working in the conditions of high purity, in the so-called “cle­anroom” with equipment for material nanotechnolo­gy and nanodiagnostics, Jeol SuperProbe JXA-8230 electron microprobe capable of determining the content of elements from boron to uranium in all kinds of solid bodies, mass spectrometers, diffrac­tometers, 3D printers for creating prototypes, many devices for environmental tests, microscopes for the analysis and measurements of microstructure parameters, as well as various types of laboratory systems. At AGH UST there is one of the quietest places in the world – an anechoic chamber, as well one of the world’s three most powerful microscopes – (S)TEM FEI Titan Cubed G-2 60-300.


The development of new research areas is ensured by a number of construction developments, such as the Centre of Energetics, in which research will be conduc­ted into clean coal technologies, photovoltaics, nuclear power engineering, and power transmission systems. The Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnolo­gy has been in operation at AGH UST for one year. It has at its disposal modern scientific research infrastructure for conducting interdisciplinary research in the fields of modern engineering, physics and chemistry of ma­terials, material nanodiagnostics and nanotechnology


Serving science, especially in the domain of compu­ter networks, computing power and other informa­tional technology services is performed by the AGH UST Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet. Cyfronet supports scientist, inter alia, by means of making supercomputers available to them. A pride of AGH UST is “Prometheus”, put into operation in 2015. Its computing power is nearly four times better than of the famous “Zeus” – until now the most powerful su­percomputer in East-Central Europe. In the times of information society, it is worth noting that AGH UST hosts one of the largest and most important nodes of the Polish part of the Internet.


We encourage all who are interested in scientific research collaboration with the AGH University of Science and Technology to read this publication and to check the catalogue of scientific research equip­ment and laboratory test stands, which can be found on website.


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