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Solar boat designed by AGH UST students presented in the bend of the Vistula River

AGH UST students have presented the final result of the project “AGH UST Solar Boat”. On 13 June, the first solar boat designed at the AGH UST was launched in the bend of the Vistula River at Czerwieński Boulevard. This one-man...[more]


Ericsson supports building AGH UST Solar Boat

The students of the AGH University of Science and Technology are finishing the project AGH UST Solar Boat. In July 2017, the one-man boat powered by solar energy will take part in the prestigious international challenge of solar...[more]


Aero Team ILK AGH UST third time in most prestigious aviation competition in the world

On 21-23 April, 2017, for the third time the Aero Team ILK AGH UST  will compete against teams from all over the world in the most prestigious competition for aviation engineers SAE Aero Design, which this year will...[more]


AGH UST scientists carry out first observation of light-by-light scattering in ATLAS experiment on LHC

Within the framework of research conducted in the ATLAS experiment on CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, the AGH UST scientists have made the first observation of light-by-light scattering. Until now, the phenomenon had...[more]


First operation of implanting prosthesis developed by AGH UST scientists

On 6th April, 2017, the prosthesis of the middle ear “otoimplant”, developed by the scientists of the AGH University of Science and Technology, was for the first time implanted into a patient’s body. The pilot operation took...[more]


AGH UST students begin construction of off-road electric motorcycle

AGH UST students begin the construction of a light, off-road electric motorcycle. In July 2017, the AGH UST E-moto team will take part in the competition SmartMoto Challenge in Barcelona. They will compete against university...[more]


“Otoimplant” in competition for best innovative projects

The prosthesis of middle ear “otoimplant”, developed by AGH UST scientists, has been submitted in the category Life Sciences & Healthcare of the international competition “Bringing tech&science closer to people”,...[more]


AGH UST is building innovative robot for inspection works

It reaches places out of sight. And it can also adapt to changing conditions. AGH UST is building a “pipeliner” – a mobile caterpillar robot designed for inspection works. The main feature of the pioneering construction worked on...[more]


System of wireless emergency communication RESYS most innovative product for mining industry

The functional system of wireless emergency communication RESYS, which can be used in workings in danger of methane and/or coal dust explosion, has been awarded a prize as the most innovative product for the mining industry in...[more]


Internships in the space sector for two AGH UST graduates

Two graduates from technical faculties of the AGH University of Science and Technology, Paweł Kozłowski and Michał Łabęcki, have won internships in prestigious Polish companies from the space technologies sector. The competition...[more]

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