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AGH UST students have created a mobile footbridge for pedestrians

AGH UST students have created a unique rolling footbridge for pedestrians. It is the first project of this type that has been completed in Poland, and it interlinks with a new trend in architecture and civil engineering whose...[more]


‘Staszic’ – new electric motorcycle constructed by AGH UST students has arrived

Higher speed and engine power coupled with longer riding time on one charge – this is how ‘Staszic’ compares to its predecessor. It is the second off-road electric motorcycle built so far by AGH UST students from the E-Moto AGH...[more]


AGH UST releases a ukulele-playing robot

Tracks from the Godfather, Pirates of the Caribbean or Requiem of a Dream – listen to these  well as many other melodies played by a robot constructed by AGH UST students. The concept known as the Ukurobot has already...[more]


Innovative heart phantom has been developed at AGH UST

AGH UST has recently released a multi-modality heart phantom. The model created by DSc Katarzyna Matusiak of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science is used for calibration of diagnostic tools used in hospitals. It is...[more]


Heliostat developed by scientists from AGH UST will brighten up dark rooms with natural daylight

How does one daylight dark offices or flats thus economising on electricity bills? The problem of shadowy rooms has just been solved by a device presented by scientists from AGH University of Science and Technology. The design...[more]


AGH UST researchers are developing guidelines for modern methods of subsoil exploration in road construction

Improvements in road construction, higher durability resulting from design solutions carefully selected to better cater for the thoroughly explored ground and subsoil conditions, more effective verification of exploration methods...[more]


Research conducted by AGH UST acoustic engineers will support luthiers

An acoustic engineering student at AGH UST is currently conducting research into the modular guitar. Its specialised construction will make it possible to determine the impact of individual elements of the instrument on its...[more]


Integrated circuits from AGH UST in devices made by Rigaku Corporation – world leader in production of research equipment

For many years, AGH UST scientists and researchers have been involved in designing integrated circuits for the needs of high energy physics, imaging with the use of X-rays, and neurobiology. Among Polish universities, the AGH...[more]


Antimicrobial handrail demo system

The AGH University of Science and Technology has developed an antimicrobial handrail demo system consisting of a railing and a staircase handrail. What is unique about the solution created by the AGH UST’s Faculty of Non-Ferrous...[more]


Innovative mobile heat store tests are under way

AGH UST in co-operation with innogy Polska and PEC Geotermia Podhalańska has designed and built a mobile heat store based on phase-change materials. This innovative and non-standard solution will enable storage and transfer of...[more]

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