Young researchers

Students can develop their scientific interests in Student Special Interest Groups. Student special interest groups are an integral part of the system of education at AGH UST. They enable students to broaden their knowledge and skills under the supervision of scientists and researchers. At present, there are approximately 100 student special interest groups (all belong to the Mining or Metallurgy Section). The most popular forms of the special interest groups activities are regular trainings, participation in theoretical research and experiments conducted at different university departments and institutes, organising conferences, seminars and science camps, participating in conferences held in Poland and abroad, taking part in international student exchange programmes and in research and training trips, as well as in research-tourist and recreational trips.
The results of students’ annual work are presented at the sessions of student special interest groups, which are held during the annual university festival celebrations on the occasions of Miner’s and Metallurgist’s Days.
The best works presented during each session are then published in “Zeszyty Naukowo Dydaktyczne AGH” (English: AGH UST Scientific Journals), and these publications often become a springboard for a scientific career of the future graduate. In order to support and develop students’ scientific movement and integration, as well as to ensure the continuity of contact between graduates and the members of currently active student special interest groups and university academics, the Student Scientific Society has been set up. It organises competitions for the best master theses called ‘The diamonds of AGH UST’, held under the auspices of the AGH UST Rector.