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Agreement with Nivalit on software for survey research

The photo shows the signers of the agreement. Three smiling men in suits stand next to each other. They are holding document folders.

Photo: Zbigniew Sulima

Agreement with Nivalit on software for survey research

On May 10, 2023, the AGH University and Nivalit concluded an agreement on cooperation regarding the use and development of the innovative Vivelio software for survey research.

The Nivalit company is obliged to share the advanced survey research platform (Vivelio) with the AGH University, which will result in the development of the tool. The aim of this joint project is to enrich research with the use of an innovative analytical approach based on the analysis of the behavioural layer – Vivelio Behavioral Intelligence. A team of scientists from the AGH University, led by Professor Adrian Horzyk, will have the opportunity to apply the tool to the research projects they are currently preoccupied with.

As a complex IT tool based on artificial intelligence, Vivelio facilitates predictive analysis. Furthermore, in assessing the results of survey research, the tool takes into account an additional layer of information, which is, apart from the answers themselves, the way in which they were given. Due to the application of information vectors previously unknown in survey research, a new dimension opens up for questionnaire-based research.

The contract was signed by Professor Rafał Wiśniowski, AGH University Vice-Rector for Cooperation, Konrad Komnata, President of the Board of Nivalit, and Wojciech Komnata, Member of the Board of Nivalit.

The coordinators of the agreement are:

  • AGH University: Dr hab. Adrian Horzyk, Associate Professor at the AGH University – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering
  • Nivalit: Wojciech Komnata.


Nivalit sp. z o.o. offers services in the field of information technology. In their business activity, they use innovative solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid intelligence (HI), predictive analysis, and Web3/Blockchain. The company also develops within the Medtech area.