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Agreement between AGH University, KIGN, and LPS

The signers of the agreement. Four men in suits holding document folders. The photo was taken in a conference room.

Photo: Zbigniew Sulima

Agreement between AGH University, KIGN, and LPS

On April 28, 2023, the AGH University of Krakow, the National Chamber of Real Estate Management (KIGN), and Logistic Planning Solutions (LPS) signed an agreement to establish long-term cooperation.

The agreement entails joint participation in international research projects, implementation of educational projects in aligning fields of interest, exchange of experiences in education and educational programmes, and the organisation of symposia, seminars, and scientific conferences.

The agreement was signed by Marek Urban, KIGN’s President of the Management Board; Jan Brożek, President of the Board of LPS; Michał Milfort Miroszewski, Vice-President of the Board of LPS; and Professor Rafał Wiśniowski, AGH University Vice-Rector for Cooperation.

The coordinators of the agreement are Dr hab. Eng. Jerzy Feliks, Associate Professor at the AGH University, Faculty of Management, Marek Urban (KIGN), and Jan Brożek (Logistic Planning Solutions).


The National Chamber of Real Estate Management is the largest Polish economic local government organisation that associates entrepreneurs dealing with real estate management and real estate brokerage, including their unions and other organisations and organisational units with entrepreneurial status. The main task of the Chamber is to take all possible actions for entrepreneurs and natural persons related to real estate management and real estate brokerage in the following areas: organisational, educational, technical, economic, systemic, and legal, in order to create favourable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, facilitate business activity, shape an entrepreneur-friendly state, and protect fundamental rights and freedoms of entrepreneurs.   

Logistic Planning Solutions offers comprehensive counselling on investment processes with the aim of minimising implementation time and reducing cost intensification for strategic projects in Poland, including the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, transmission infrastructure (gas, energy), railways, and roads. Thanks to the cooperation with the AGH University, the LPS has direct access to the most recent knowledge, technologies, and global patents, supported by experienced professors from the university, which gives it systemic solutions to the problems of the Polish project management market. The company uses the most up-to-date systemic solutions, previously not applied in Poland but implemented in large global construction projects (airports, high-speed rail, motorways, power plants, energy, gas, and oil transmission, etc.). The LPS offers the highest quality in urban planning, related to project preparation, administration (time management), and incident analysis (interference and delays).