Students of Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas best in Europe

photo - archives of AGH UST SPE Student Chapter

A team of students of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas have won the European eliminations of the international petroleum competition PetroBowl. As a prize, the team will represent Europe in the international finals. Moreover, Wojciech Labuda, the captain of our team, has had an individual success winning first prize in a European competition of student scientific papers in the category “undergraduate”, and has qualified for the world final. 

PetroBowl is the most prestigious competition that checks knowledge related to the field of the petroleum industry. It is organised annually by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The subjects of the competition cover the technical aspects of drilling, deposit engineering and petroleum exploitation, as well as the knowledge of the industry, its history, and even familiarity with statistical data. 

The competition was entered by 23 teams from the best European technical universities. Our team were the members of the student organisation AGH UST SPE Student Chapter: Jakub Frankiewicz, Wojciech Labuda, Karol Surmacz, Mirosław Szczepaniec, and Bartosz Świderski. The students had been chosen in internal preliminaries, after which they decided how to divide the material according to their interests, and then consequently spent the next several months broadening their knowledge using all and any available resources. All the teams performed at a very high level. On the path to victory, our representatives defeated, for example, the teams of the University of Stavanger in Norway, Heriot Watt University in Great Britain, and Leoben University in Austria. 

The subsequent stages of the competition will be the world finals, which will take place in October 2017 in San Antonio, Texas, USA, during the most important conference of the petroleum industry – SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). Our representatives have already started their preparations for the event. They are also looking for sponsors that could help them in achieving the desired goal. 

“Going to San Antonio involves high expenses, and we also need funds for expensive foreign scientific materials, textbooks, training sessions, and workshops. We believe that we can achieve a success that not long ago we did not even dream of, but we do need some support,” they say. 

In the European competition of student scientific papers SPE Student Paper Contest, our student Wojciech Labuda presented his paper entitled “Profitability calculations of abandoned mine methane production in the Upper Silesian coal basin”, written under the supervision of Jacek Hendel, MSc, of the Department of Gas Engineering. The jury unanimously decided that it was the best paper in the category “undergraduate”, emphasising its high scientific standard, topicality, and the uniqueness of the subject, as well as the outstanding presentation skills of the author. The world final of the student competition will also take place at ATCE in San Antonio. 

Both the European qualifiers of PetroBowl and the SPE Student Paper Contest took place during the International Student Congress “East Meets West”, organised at AGH UST.