Scientist from Italy to conduct research at AGH UST within framework of NSC POLS grant

The National Science Centre has decided the winners of the POLS competition, which supports scientific mobility and is co-financed from Norway grants. The list of winning applications includes a project of an Italian researcher that will be carried out at the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection.

Doctor Fulvio Franchi, a geologist specialising in sedimentology and stratigraphy, recently connected with the Botswana International University of Science & Technology, has received funding for a year-long project “From the late Palaeozoic glacial period to the Mesozoic climatic optimum: a record of 230 million years of climatic changes in the southern part of Africa” in the amount of PLN 658,944 (150,064 euro). 

The subject area of the project is research on the Kalahari-Karoo Basin of Botswana – a large region containing an intracratonic area of land and volcanic deposits (Upper Carboniferous – Lower Jurassic) covered by Kalahari Group sediments. These sediments are a record of global-scale geological and climatic processes that are still not fully-understood. Some of them include the late Carboniferous glaciation of the area, the nature of the Permian-Triassic boundary, and a dramatic rise of temperatures between the Triassic and the Jurassic period. 

The main objectives of the project are: 

  • developing the basin’s first model that takes into account sediment features controlled by the climate in conjunction with a detailed study of paleoenvironments and paleogeography by means of, for example, computer modelling based on a large database,  
  • recognising a tectonics-controlled system of sediment distribution and its origin by means of petrographic, geochemical, and mineralogical data analysis. 

POLS is a competition that offers small grants to scientists from all around the world who want to carry out research in Poland. The grant can be allocated for the remuneration of the research team, depreciation or purchasing of equipment, materials or services, cost of travelling or conference fees, as well as other expenses connected with the project. 

POLS encompassed all branches of science according to the National Science Centre discipline panels. In the competition, scientists submitted 99 applications for the total amount of PLN 74 million, of which 39 projects were granted funding: 21 projects in the field of Physical Sciences and Engineering (ST), 8 projects in the field of Life Sciences (NZ), and 10 projects in the field of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (HS). In total, all researchers will receive over PLN 30.5 million, of which 85% is financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014–2021, and 15% comes from national co-funding. 

A grant for a two-year project “Searching for new physics in two-photon interactions at the LHC and the modernisation of ATLAS inner detector” in the amount of PLN 857,500 (195,281 euro) was also awarded to Mateusz Dyndał, DSc. However, he had previously become a laureate of a competition within the framework of the Polish Returns programme held by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), and he is currently employed at the AGH UST Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, hence he will not be able to take advantage of the grant.