Over PLN 38m worth of grant funding to be spent on teaching excellence projects

AGH UST will receive over PLN 38m to finance projects aiming at improving the University’s standards of teaching excellence. The grant was awarded to 10 biggest Polish universities through Stream III of the Integrated Academia Programmes Competition coordinated by the National Centre for Research and Development as a part of the 2014–2020 Knowledge Education Development Scheme.

Stream III of the Competition was open only to the universities with an enrollment of not less than 20000 students, in which at least half of all university units had been rated A or A+ in the parametric evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

AGH UST has been granted the total of PLN 38 001 895.98 worth of grant funding. The scope of the awarded project covers:

  • alignment of the educational offer with the current socio-economic demands and the introduction of new university-level programmes or modification of the existing ones;
  • competence development scheme to provide students with a head start on the labour market;
  • internship programmes;
  • improvement in the efficiency of doctoral programmes;
  • competence development for teaching and administrative staff;
  • acquisition of IT tools and creation of open educational resources.

The application was prepared under the supervision of AGH UST Vice-Rector for Science – Professor Andrzej Pach and AGH UST Vice-Rector for Education – Professor Wojciech Łużny by the team of Project Support Centre composed of: dr inż. Adam Lichota (Manager), mgr Olimpia Dębowska, mgr Anna Ostachowska, Elżbieta Sura and mgr Mateusz Menszig. The substantive part of the application was delivered by designated persons at respective Faculties and the accompanying units.

The project, which will be implemented in the period from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2022, will involve 13 faculties and five units operating within the University structure: Department of Foreign Languages, e-Learning Centre, University  Computer  Centre, Project Support Centre and Rector’s Office.

The aim of the Integrated Academia Programmes Competition is to develop student competence, create and implement high-quality internship and doctoral programmes, adapt and put into effect curricula successfully addressing the current socio-economic requirements, develop teaching excellence among the academic staff as well as support the provision of high-quality services by units within the structure of the University (e.g. academic career centres).