Mobile application “Localife” awarded prize in competition Berlin Startup Calling 2016

Wojciech Żdżarski, a student of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, with his project of the mobile application “Localife” won second prize in the international competition Berlin Startup Calling 2016.   

The aim of the prizewinning project is to improve communication between the inhabitants of a given area, which will make it easier for them to establish local communities and develop new initiatives. The received prize of 3,500 euro our student is planning to invest in advertising the application and, by this means, reach a potential target group. He is also planning to complete the project and have the application uploaded on to Google Play Store before August 2017. 

Since his early childhood, Wojciech Żdżarski has been interested in information technology and exact sciences. He is pleased with the possibility of converting science into business and developing innovative business ideas. 

Berlin Startup Calling 2016 is an international competition in which individuals present their own ideas for an online business. The event is meant for young people who are interested in the development of new technologies. In the just-completed edition of the competition there were over 300 competitors between the ages of 18 and 30. Their task was to present their ideas in an interesting and creative way to the competition jury, whose members were the following German businessmen: Robert M. Maier, Johannes Schaback, and Johannes Kotte.  

Berlin Startup Calling 2016 is organised by the company Visual Meta GmbH, the developer of the website ShopAlike.pl