Honourable Mention for AGH UST during the European Cybersecurity Forum

Photo by Radosław Kazmierczak

Photo by Karol Sękowski

Photo by Karol Sękowski

The university has received an honourable mention awarded by the organisers of the international conference European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC Forum 2021 ‘for establishing the AGH Cyber Security Centre and contributing to the development of cyber personnel in Poland’. The effort of the Centre’s director, Professor Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki, was recognised, as well as the effort of the unit’s employees, and all AGH UST employees who were involved in research and education in the field of cybersecurity.

During the conference, a panel discussion was held titled ‘Małopolska XXI wieku. Technologie kosmiczne szansą na skok rozwojowy regionu.’ [Małopolska Province of the 21st Century. Space technologies as a chance for the development of the region], in which representatives from the world of science, technology, and business participated. The AGH UST was represented by the Rector, Professor Jerzy Lis, and the director of the Space Technology Centre AGH UST, Professor Tadeusz Uhl.

The objective of the debate was to diagnose the market of the Province as well as the entire Polish market as places to develop space technologies. During the discussion, the participants touched upon the issues related to the impact that the university has on the labour market in the space sector: adjusting the programmes of study to the needs of companies developing space technologies and establishing closer collaborations with commercial partners to increase their competitiveness and investment attractiveness.

Furthermore, the participants in the debate discussed the variety of support mechanisms that emergent companies can count on when entering the Polish market, the investment patterns of such companies, and the future of companies in the space sector in Poland.

The AGH UST Rector stressed that the university continuously launches new programmes of study and wants to use its attributes to successfully compete in this sector with other entities around the world. Professor Jerzy Lis talked about the UNIVERSEH project, i.e. the European Space University for Earth and Humanity, which is co-realised by the AGH UST.

Professor Tadeusz Uhl, in his online appearance, talked about the objectives of the Space Technology Centre AGH UST, which was established last year, as well as future projects, including launching a satellite to low Earth orbit. He emphasised that the AGH UST is able to show young people that space is closer than it looks. He also noted that the university can provide innovative business solutions and a base for developing technologies with the help of unique scientific tools.

Alongside the AGH UST representatives, the following participants took part in the debate: Paweł Pacek – director of the Office for Development of Technology from ARP S.A., Tadeusz Kocman – head of business development in Syderal Polska, Robert Wagemann – finance director of ICEYE, Dr Agata Kołodziejczyk – Analog Astronaut Training Center, and Wojciech Przybylski – president of the Kraków Technology Park. The debate moderator was Maciej Myśliwiec from the AHG UST Admissions Centre.

The CYBERSEC Forum is one of the most important and prestigious events in Europe dedicated to cybersecurity and technological development. One of the most important objectives of the conference is to strengthen and emphasise the socio-economic potential of interregional cooperation.

The International CYBERSEC Forum 2021 took place from September 1-3, 2021, in Krynica-Zdrój. The event schedule comprised more than 60 presentations, panel discussions, and debates. The number of on-site participants was close to 600; the online turnout was 1500 people.