Another gold medal for an AGH UST invention

An AGH UST invention, which has already received several awards, ‘The method of purifying polluted air in the region of the inversion layer’, has received another commendation, a gold medal from the International Warsaw Invention Show 2021 (IWIS).

The invention refers to the way of reducing the concentration of particulate matter in the smog layer, resulting from the creation of a temperature inversion layer in the period of low emission (PM10 and PM2.5). The core of this invention is the creation of a series of shock waves that disrupt the inversion layer, leading to the restoration of vertical air movements and a natural dispersion of pollution.

Let us not forget who was responsible for developing such an innovative method, namely, the scientists from the Faculty of Energy and Fuels: Professor Jacek Leszczyński, Professor Wojciech Suwała, Professor Barbara Kubica, Associate Professor Marcin Stobiński, Associate Professor Katarzyna Szarłowicz, Filip Jędrzejek, DSc, Janusz Zyśk, DSc, and Dominik Gryboś, MSc.

In February 2021, the invention co-authors: Filip Jędrzejek, MSc, and Dominik Gryboś, MSc (then doctoral students) and Maciej Borek, Eng (then student/graduate) received the first prize in the “Student-Innovator” Competition. The innovative method has also been awarded a gold medal at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

The International Warsaw Invention Show (IWIS) is the largest international event promoting inventiveness and innovation in Poland. Each year, the exhibition hosts inventors from several dozen countries, including Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Egypt, Iran, Canada, Malesia, Korea, Turkey, Romania, Taiwan, and Poland. The exhibitors present their innovative inventions which constitute an overview of technological achievements, some already implemented and some still pending. Each year, the show is accompanied by lectures and presentations pertaining to the protection of intellectual property. This year’s edition took place between October 25–27.