AGH UST moving up in the Best Global Universities ranking

The results of the Best Global Universities ranking published by U.S. News & World Report have just been announced. AGH UST  has improved its last year’s performance in the ranking and came ahead of all Polish technical universities.

The ranking listed nearly 1250 higher education institutions from 80 countries, including 24 Polish universities. The ranking’s top was dominated by American universities: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, which came first, second and third respectively.  

Universities were ranked according to  12 indicators, including international and regional reputation, the number of scientific publications, international conferences, the number of citations and international cooperation. 

  • 1. University of Warsaw
    (global score: 359, 49.6 points)
  • 2. Jagiellonian University
    (global score: 388, 48.2 points)
  • 3.AGH University of Science & Technology
    (global score: 604, 39.7 points)
  • 4. Warsaw University of Technology
    (global score: 615, 39.3 points)
  • 5. University of Wrocław
    (global score: 756, 34 points)

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