AGH UST maintains its good position in the CWUR Ranking

The AGH University of Science and Technology has maintained its position in the Center for World University Rankings 20182019 and has been rated – again –Poland’s second best technical university and fourth of all ten Polish institutions of higher education covered by the Ranking.

Ranking of Polish universities (places in the general classification listed in brackets): 

1. University of Warsaw (260)
2. Jagiellonian University (381)
3. Warsaw University of Technology (576)
4. AGH University of Science and Technology (633)
5. Adam Mickiewicz University (741)
6. University of Wrocław (776)
7. Medical University of Warsaw (834)
8. Wrocław University of Technology (844)
9. University of Silesia (899)
10. Nicolaus Copernicus University (954)

The latest edition of the CWUR Ranking includes universities and colleges from all over the world. The ranking is – traditionally – topped by American universities:  Harvard University, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The UK’s University of Cambridge and University of Oxford came fourth and fifth – respectively, with more U.S. universities making up the top 10.

The CWUR Ranking is based on several indicators, including awards and prizes won by graduates and academic staff at international competitions, number of graduates holding executive positions in global corporations, citations, publications in recognised research journals and most influential science magazines.

The full version of the Center for World University Rankings 20182019 is available at cwur.org.