AGH UST is a “Forbes Diamond”

In the latest ranking “Forbes Diamonds 2017”, which presents the most dynamically developing companies in Poland, the AGH University of Science and Technology was rated number 90, reaching the highest position among all Polish universities, in the group of entities with income of above PLN 250m. AGH UST has been ranked on this prestigious list for the first time in history.  

In this year’s edition of the ranking “Forbes Diamonds” there are nearly 2.4 thousand companies. On the list of the most dynamically developing Polish companies there are ones that in the years 2013-2015 increased their value by at least 23% year-to-year. The rewarded entities were divided into three categories according to their sales revenue: large companies (more than PLN 250m), small companies (PLN 5-50m), and medium companies (PLN 50-250m).  

Laureates of ranking Forbes Diamonds 2017 – general national classification 

Furthermore, in the regional ranking, AGH UST is still at the forefront of the classification, holding the second position in the Małopolska region. 

Laureates of Forbes Diamonds – Małopolska voivodeship  

There is no doubt that AGH UST occupies a high position in the ranking thanks to an innovative approach to business and the commercialisation of science. Among the largest and the most important achievements there are the AGH UST Centre of Energetics, opened in 2015, and the most powerful supercomputer in the history of Poland – Prometheus, launched in the same year. In addition to the above, a significant influence can be ascribed to close and active collaboration with companies operating in the fields of mining, metallurgy, fuels, energy, and the extraction of materials. AGH UST also lays a lot of emphasis on maintaining contact with information technology and telecommunication companies. In each of the areas, there are intensive research and development works, which result in implementations and patents. 

The ranking “Forbes Diamonds 2017”, based on official financial information provided by the companies, was prepared for the tenth time by the company Bisnode Polska in collaboration with the monthly “Forbes”.