AGH UST in the lead of ranking “Forge of Chairpersons”

The AGH University of Science and Technology came second in the ranking “Forge of Chairpersons” prepared by the daily “Rzeczpospolita”. The career analysis of over 500 CEOs of the largest companies in Poland showed that as many as 6.42% of the chairpersons are AGH UST graduates. 


At the very top of this year’s ranking are jointly the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw School of Economics. Other Krakow universities that were listed in the ranking are the Cracow University of Economics (7th place), the Cracow University of Technology (19th place), and the Jagiellonian University (24th place). 


For many years, the graduates of the AGH University of Science and Technology have held leading positions in companies. Professor Janusz Filipiak, President of Comarch, is an AGH UST graduate. AGH UST diploma holders are also Krzysztof Pawiński, CEO of Maspex Wadowice Group, Tomasz Adamus, President of MetLife TFI, Sławomir Obidziński, CEO of Węglokoks, Józef Siwiec, President of Zakłady Magnezytowe ROPCZYCE, and Jerzy Berger, President of Zakład Odmetanowania Kopalń ZOK. 


The latest results of monitoring the professional careers of AGH UST graduates showed that 82% of the university graduates obtained employment in line with received education. More than half of the graduates, i.e. 61%, secured employment still before their thesis examination. A high percentage of our graduates, as many as 23%, did not need to look for a job, since it was employers who offered them a job contract.