AGH UST best Polish technical university in ranking of bibliometric indicators

The AGH University of Science and Technology took first place among Polish technical universities in the international CWTS Leiden Ranking, which examines the scientific strength of a university on the basis of scientific publications and their impact on the development of world’s science and research.  

The edition of 2017 was prepared on the basis of information and data from the years 2012-2015, and it encompassed over 900 universities from all over the world, including 19 universities from Poland. 

The CWTS Leiden Ranking is prepared by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands. It is one of the most influential research centres dealing with science policy and evaluation in the field of bibliometrics. The ranking focuses exclusively on the measurement of the scientific activity of a university on the basis of the bibliometric indicators of publications in the database Web of Science (i.e. the number of publications and citations), as well as the university collaboration in the area of scientific research projects. 

The ranking enables the arrangement of universities in relation to only the number of publications, or the number of publications within the ranges of Top 1%, Top 10%, and Top 50%. The results presented for the selected criteria are available jointly for all sciences, as well as for five particular fields of science. 

The detailed results of the ranking are available on the website: CWTS Leiden Ranking.