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The AGH UST hosted a summer camp for Ukrainian children

Lecture room full of Summer Camp participants. The atmosphere is lively, people are smiling, chilrden raise their hands in joy.

Photo: AGH UST

The AGH UST hosted a summer camp for Ukrainian children

In August, nearly 140 Ukrainian children participated in a Summer Camp organised by the ‘Unbreakable Ukraine’ Foundation (Фундація «Незламна Україна»). Thanks to the eagerness of Professor Marek Cała, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management, the entire academic community got in on the event.

The aforementioned faculty made its lecture rooms available, inviting other university units to cooperate. Representatives from the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science gave an interactive lecture about the microworld, showing all the fascinating aspects thereof. The scientists of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science organised a series of presentations that explored the issues of physics in the form of spectacular experiments. To lighten it up, the Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals prepared a fun activity – minting commemorative tokens with the logo of the AGH UST and the faculty. The staff of the Department of Sport and Physical Education organised sports activities and the AZS AGH Cheerleaders section offered special classes in cheerleading.

All activities offered during the Summer Camp were organised thanks to the voluntary work and involvement of our employees and students.