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Professor Jan Kiciński – Doctor Honoris Causa of the AGH University

Professor Jan Kiciński and the AGH University Rector stand next to each other. Between them is a stand with the commemorative diploma. Behind the man on the right is another man in a mining uniform. He is holding a bouquet in his hands. The photo was taken during the ceremony in the AGH University Assembly Hall.

Photo: Zbigniew Sulima

Professor Jan Kiciński – Doctor Honoris Causa of the AGH University

An exceptional scientist with world-renowned achievements in rotor dynamics and nonlinear vibrations, eco-energy, renewable energy sources, and distributed generation – Professor Jan Kiciński from the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN) in Gdańsk – received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the AGH University. The ceremony took place on May 19, 2023 in the AGH University Assembly Hall. ‘(...) awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa upon Prof. Jan Kiciński is the greatest form of appreciation of his excellent scientific achievements and remarkable contribution to the development of science and technology. My sincerest congratulations and a huge thank you for all the things you have done for science and future generations’, said the AGH University Rector during the ceremony.

The motion to confer the title of Doctor Honoris Causa upon Prof. Jan Kiciński began on June 3, 2023. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics endorsed the motion of its Dean to appeal to the AGH University Rector and Senate, which then, on October 26, 2022, adopted the appropriate resolution. Professor Tadeusz Uhl was appointed supervisor. Professor Zbigniew Dąbrowski from the Warsaw University of Technology and Professor Wojciech Cholewa from the Silesian University of Technology were asked to prepare their reviews. With a resolution passed on March 1, 2023, the AGH University Senate conferred the title of Doctor Doctor Honoris Causa upon Professor Jan Kiciński for his multiannual cooperation with the AGH University of Krakow, especially for the initiation of joint endeavours with the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery in the field of diagnostics of Polish power units and research into renewable energy sources.

The ceremony was opened by the AGH University Rector, who emphasised proudly that Prof. Jan Kiciński received his postdoctoral qualifications at the AGH University of Krakow in 1986.

In his academic career, Professor Kiciński received numerous titles and distinctions. He is a figure well-known and admired throughout the world. He is not only an excellent scientist, but also a remarkable teacher, who has educated entire generations of scientists and engineers throughout his years at the academy. His determination and passion for academic work have been an inspiration for students and doctoral students to take up ambitious challenges and achieve success’.

Dr hab. Eng. Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk, Associate Professor at the AGH University, Vice-Dean for General Affairs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, highlighting the long-term cooperation between Prof. Kiciński and the faculty, evoked the former’s scientific achievements:

The exceptional scientific achievements of Professor Kiciński can be divided into three areas: contribution into the development of theory and engineering applications of fluid-flow machine dynamics, which can only be described as superb; contribution to the development of broad eco-energy – a true erudite and visionary, including activities for the benefit of green transformation; and managerial activity, characterised by a remarkable ability to identify important research themes and an extraordinary skill to compile large, interdisciplinary research teams and highly effective coordination thereof’.

In the laudation of Professor Tadeusz Uhl, in addition to the presentation of the life and achievements of Professor Kiciński, the former shared his personal thoughts:

Cooperating for many years and in numerous projects with Professor Kiciński, I came to know him as a wonderful organiser, always invested in seeing through all scientific and implementation tasks. (...) I had the honour to participate many times in projects inspired or led by the man of the hour, and I always admired his dedication, enthusiasm, and high professional ethics. I was infused with this enthusiasm that I am now trying to pass on to my students’.

After the ceremony of presentation of a commemorative diploma and the Doctor Honoris Causa insignia, Professor Jan Kiciński delivered his master lecture. 

Other prominent figures who took the floor during the ceremony included: Ireneusz Zyska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment; Józef Węgrecki, Vice-President of PKN Orlen, and Professor Marcin Lackowski, Director of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The congratulatory letter for Professor Kiciński, written by the Minister of Education and Science, was read by Professor Tadeusz Telejko, Vice-Rector for General Affairs.

Photo: Zbigniew Sulima

The AGH University Rector congratulates Professor Jan Kiciński. Rows of guests in the background. The photo was taken in the Assembly Hall.