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Krakow universities strengthen their cooperation for cybersecurity

Kolorowa grafika ilustracyjna przedstawiająca graficzną ikonę kłódki na abstrakcyjnym cyfrowym tle.

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Krakow universities strengthen their cooperation for cybersecurity

The AGH University of Krakow, Jagiellonian University, Cracow University of Technology, University of Agriculture in Krakow, and Krakow University of Economics have signed a cooperation agreement on cybersecurity. The principal objective of the agreement is to create a platform for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge regarding cybersecurity and systems of information and communication technologies in the Małopolska region, but also mutual support of actions for the protection of data which is stored for the purposes of human capital, industry, and agriculture development.

The cooperation involves, among others, joint provision of trainings, workshops, and courses targeting the development of digital skills and raising awareness and social responsibility in the field of cybersecurity. 

The units implementing the agreement, including the AGH Cybersecurity Centre, will also undertake joint scientific and research work as part of national and international project consortia aimed at supporting the creation of the national cybersecurity system with particular focus on the Małopolska Province and the realisation of the European cybersecurity strategy. Izabela Albrycht, the Director of Cybersecurity Centre explains: 

“Together, we are able to work on the development of technological capabilities relevant for the security of network and information and telecommunication technologies, preventative infrastructure, detection of and reaction to security incidents, and exchange of information on cyber incidents. The need for strengthening cybersecurity has become an increasingly urgent task for all institutions, organisations, and companies, not only in the current geopolitical situation, but also as regards further regulation challenges, including the necessity to implement the so-called NIS2 directive. Meanwhile, the agreement provides us with various possibilities to take advantage of the potential of each university.”

The AGH University membership in the largest in Europe association of organisations specialised in cybersecurity, European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), as well as the university activity aimed at creating strong research and project teams in different fields and disciplines related to cybersecurity and new technologies can constitute considerable support in the matter.

“The universities managed by us are not only science and research centres important for the development of Polish and world science, but also workplaces employing thousands of people. This obliges us even more to ensure digital security of data related to scientific activity as well as data of our employees and students. I consider it a crucial element for building social trust and it enormously pleases me that Krakow universities will cooperate together to improve and reinforce this security,” states Krakow University of Economics Rector, Dr hab. Stanisław Mazur, associate professor at Krakow University of Economics.

Cracow University of Technology conducts cybersecurity research, development, and implementation projects on national and international scale within the Computational Intelligence and Cybersecurity team operating at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications at Cracow University of Technology.

“It deals with, among others, cybersecurity issues in clouds, computing grids, and cryptography, including the development of methods for the improvement of security in high-performance environments based on artificial neuron networks, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, algorithms based on numerous agents, game theory, and block chain technology. These actions are carried out through detecting and actively protecting against security threats, modelling and recognising attacks, building innovative cryptographic schemes and solutions based on decentralised networks and models,” claims Dr hab. Eng Paweł Pławiak, associate professor at Cracow University of Technology, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, who will coordinate the cooperation under the agreement on the part of the University.

“Jagiellonian University has an extensive and greatly dispersed IT infrastructure and, owing to that, ensuring the adequate level of cybersecurity of networks, systems, and data produced and used by employees and students is of the essence. Participating in the Krakow universities’ project will allow our University to reach this goal. Besides mutual support in strengthening and developing cybersecurity-related abilities and competences, a significant element of the signed agreement is the participation in joint scientific and research works,” explains Professor Adam Roman, Jagiellonian University Rector’s Proxy for Cybersecurity.


The AGH University Cybersecurity Centre, the first of its kind in Poland, conducts expert and educational activities, research and development work in the field of cybersecurity technology. The aim of the CC AGH is to provide innovative solutions and services to strengthen the development of capabilities necessary for the national cybersecurity system and to build the cyber-resilience of the country and the region. The Centre conducts regional, national, and international cooperation in the broad area of cybersecurity. The Centre's team consists of scientists and external experts.