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Intrigues and morally difficult decisions – AGH UST students created a radio drama

Students taking part in the radio drama dressed in 1920s-stylised clothes.

Intrigues and morally difficult decisions – AGH UST students created a radio drama

‘Nie na miejscu’ [Out of place] is a radio drama set in a world that has been haunted by an ancient curse. A seemingly mundane birthday party transforms when it turns out that all guests had not been invited at random. The morality of the characters is tested when their stories intertwine in a series of incredible events, and all become puppets in the hands of a gloomy fate. The radio drama was created by the AGH UST students associated with Radio 1.7.

The initiator of the project, Agnieszka Stawicka, who is actively involved in the student Radio 1.7., has set the events of the radio drama in the 1920s. Casual encounters of several characters set off an uncanny course of events, intertwining their stories and putting their morality to the test. A crime is committed during a party, and the guests discover that their presence at the event is not coincidental.

The technical side of the project is the responsibility of Sylwia Nowak, a student of Acoustic Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics.

The technical team had a multitude of tasks to perform. Starting from recording the voice actors, through audio processing, recording, and picking the soundtrack, to piecing it all together. Despite the fact that these past few weeks have been intense, I look back at them with a kind eye, especially at the hours spent working together. Undoubtedly, the project was a challenge and I think that we all have learnt a lot’, explains Sylwia Nowak.

The author of the script, Agnieszka Stawicka, highlights:

'I wanted sharp and expressive characters and to keep good proportions between secrecy, intrigue, and dark humour. I must admit that all the actors who voiced the characters rose to the challenge. I must add that, at the beginning, the radio drama came to me as a theatre play, so I think it ultimately has many theatrical qualities. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be able to take it to the stage?'

The actors performing in the radio drama impersonate the roles of Professor Krukowski, eccentric widow Elwira Rubinstein, reporter Elżbieta Ross, and serviceman Witold Taraszkiewicz. To make the radio drama a reality, nearly 20 people associated with the AGH UST Media Centre have worked on the project.

The partner of the radio drama is the Villa Decius Institute for Culture. It was at the institute that the promotional photo shoot was held. Furthermore, the outline of Professor Krukowski’s house, in which the radio drama’s action takes place, was inspired by the outline of Villa Decius.

Additional materials related to the project and descriptions of characters are available on the Instagram profile of the project: (in Polish).

The entire radio drama consists of three episodes available on Spotify.