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Foton, HALYNA, and Kalman triumphant among other student constructions

A photo of a glass statuette. A coconut next to it. In the background, a room filled with the participants of the competition gala.

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Foton, HALYNA, and Kalman triumphant among other student constructions

Foton, the solar plane, HALYNA, the wind turbine, and Kalman, the planetary rover – these are the projects of the AGH University students that won in three out of seven categories in the KoKoS student construction competition. The presentation of the best projects and the grand finale gala took place at the AGH University.

Foton – an autonomous, crewless solar plane built by AGH Solar Plane, won the ‘Sky’ category.

Made of composite materials, the plane weighs only 4 kg with its 5-metre wingspan. It has 28 photovoltaic cells mounted on it and a system to examine air quality. It had its debut in 2022 during an international competition of crewless aircraft in Turkey, and in December 2022, it received an honourable mention in the ECOinnovators competition in the product innovation category. This is the largest construction made by the AGH Solar Plane.

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Students with their creation – a crewless solar plane.

HALYNA – a wind turbine with three generators made by AGH Eko-Energia won the ‘Ecology’ category.

The construction provides a solution to the problem of low efficiency of turbines when the wind speed is reduced. It uses three generators with different parameters to create energy. Thanks to a system that adapts to wind conditions, the turbine significantly increases its energy efficiency.

A wind turbine in front of a glass building.

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Kalman – a planetary rover built by the AGH Space Systems team came first in the ‘Smart Robots’ category.

The autonomous vehicle travels through Martian ground and studies soil samples. Its systems have been adapted to assist astronauts during base maintenance work, reconnaissance missions, and research activities. One of its key abilities is autonomous navigation. Kalman has been awarded abundantly in numerous student contests and has also been successful in international competitions. No wonder – it was first created 5 years ago and since then it has been constantly improved.


The Kalman rover on a desert, Martian-like environment.

Laureates in the remaining categories:

  • Vehicle – the first in Poland electric off-road buggy LEM SSV-type side by side vehicle; LEM Wrocław Motorsport, Wrocław University of Science and Technology
  • Railway – adjusting the construction of the PUTrain engine to be able to partially draw power from alternative energy sources; Koło Naukowe Inżynierów Transportu Publicznego, Poznan University of Technology
  • Life Upgrade – POKOV2, a vehicle for people with disabilities controlled by eye tracking; Krzysztof Lingo, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
  • Joker – turbo pump of a hybrid BSX rocket engine; PUT RocketLab, Poznan University of Technology


KoKoS is a Polish project carried out by the Independent Students' Association. Its purpose is to select the most talented constructors among the students of Polish technical universities. The organisers of the competition want to make student projects visible and appreciated by the world of business, so that they can receive substantive and financial support to be implemented. Participation in the competition can help students find investors, giving projects the chance to be carried out.