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Database of Authors and Publications

A fragment of a computer keyboard. One of the keys is green and has ‘publications’ written on it.

Database of Authors and Publications

On January 16, 2023, the Database of Authors and Publications was made available. The updated version of the Bibliography of Publications of AGH UST Staff is the effect of cooperation between the Main Library and the IT Solutions Centre.

Database of Authors and Publications

The current version was launched with three modules: Authors, Publications, and Lists (of journals, publishers, and conferences). This division facilitates easy access to requested bits of information related to the works of AGH UST employees. Additionally, the Authors and Publications modules include options that enable users to narrow down the results to, for example, the year of publication, scientific disciplines of the author, types of publications, key words, etc. The Lists module, available for logged users, allows them to check the number of points (according to the Ministry of Education and Science lists) and current and past bibliometric indexes (e.g. IF, SNIP, SJR).

The new Database has an entirely new look as far as the presentation of publication-related information is concerned. In addition to the bibliographic description, users gain access to detailed bibliometric data, as well as information in which external databases, Polish and foreign, a given work had been registered. Thanks to the connection with external systems, it is possible to check the number of citations in: Scopus, Google Scholar, CrossRef, and Open Citations. The new database is also equipped with the PlumX metrics parameter, which indicates the presence of a publication description on social networks. Every publication includes information on statements submitted by its author: on assigning the paper to a discipline and on the participation percentage. Moreover, the Database provides an option to transform the description of a given publication according to a selected citation style, as well as to see a preview of references downloaded from Scopus, CrossRef, and Open Citations.

New modules and functionalities will be added to the database soon.