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AGH Space System’s hybrid rocket third in the Spaceport America Cup

A group of people with a rocket behind them. Cars in the background. Sunny day, blue sky and white, frothy clouds.

Photo: Maciej Talar, KSAF AGH

AGH Space System’s hybrid rocket third in the Spaceport America Cup

The 3-TTK rocket built by AGH Space Systems came third in the 2022 Spaceport America Cup in the category of Student Researched and Designed (SRAD) 10,000-feet altitude hybrid rockets.

The 2022 Spaceport America Cup took place between June 21–25, 2022 in Las Cruces, USA. More than 140 rocket-building teams from all over the world took up the gauntlet this year.

Due to the organisers’ problems with the insurance of hybrid rockets and the earlier onset of the summer monsoon in New Mexico, the rockets could not soar up within the scheduled launch window. Therefore, the official results of the competition were announced on July 16. The 3-TTK rocket came fourth. Several weeks later, the judges have re-evaluated the information related to the readiness of particular teams to compete and modified the system of awarding points. This gave the AGH Space System's creation the third place.

During the competition, in the Podium Session and the Poster Session, the judges talked to the teams, collecting the necessary details related to the competing devices. The jury appreciated the technical background and innovative solutions applied to the rocket made by AGH Space Systems. Furthermore, the design of the 3-TTK rocket stunned the judges, which gave the team the highest scores in their category.

AGH Space Systems is already preparing for the next competition in September – the European Rover Challenge.