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A large hangar with a white airplane inside. A man working with one of the aircraft engines.

AGH UST-designed sensors to detect damage in aircraft composites

Scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology have been working on piezoelectric sensors for damage [...]


A colourful illustrative image that shows a network of scattered lines; a series of numbers in the background; on the left side of the image, there is a graphic shape of a key hole, the colours are blue, yellow, and white.

Cybersecurity Centre launches at the AGH UST

The AGH UST launches the new Cybersecurity Centre. In the emergent formula that replaces the old unit, the Centre [...]


A smiling man with glasses wearing a burgundy jacket and a black polo neck. The photo was taken in the main hall of the Main Building, with a pillared cloister and stairs in the background.

Equality Ombudsperson began his mission at the AGH UST

In November 2022, Artur Lesner, the AGH UST Equality Ombudsperson, joined our academic community. He will work to [...]


The photo shows a Martian landscape and a rover approaching a motionless astronaut dummy. The mechanical arm of the robot holds a blue water bottle.

Do we trust robots? AGH UST students’ investigation

How much do people trust robots? Do we have unlimited confidence in their reliability? In what circumstances do we [...]


A group of people in a circle. Three of them stand with their backs towards the camera with purple T-shirts with the “IT is ME” logo. They are conversing with two other people standing in front of them. Balloons and posters in the background.

Innovation + IT tools – laureates of the IT is ME competition

During the IT is ME Student Innovation Festival organised by the AGH UST, we selected the best innovative student [...]


The photo shows a yellow police tape that says ‘Police line do not cross’ in black capital letters. In the background, without focus, there are trees, a paved alley, perhaps a park.

Crime scene analysis in practice. Field classes in forensic analysis on the AGH UST Campus

On November 9, 2022, as part of the Crime Scene Analysis course taught at the Modern Technologies in Forensic [...]


Colourful illustrative image. It shows rectangles and arrows in the shades of green, pointing right.

Several dozen scientists from the AGH UST in the TOP 2% ranking

Several dozen scientists from the AGH UST made it to the prestigious World’s TOP 2% Scientists 2021 ranking of the [...]


The photo shows Honorary Professors of the AGH UST in ceremonial robes; they wear epitogia on their left shoulders. Next to the Honorary Professors, there are: the AGH UST Rector (on the left) and the Dean of the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science.

Exceptional metallurgists among the Honorary Professors of the AGH UST

On October 28, 2022, two members joined the esteemed group of AGH UST Honorary Professors. The Senate has [...]


A glass award statuette in the shape of a round solid figure on a glass base.

The AGH UST rewarded on the occasion of 35 years of the Erasmus+ programme

The AGH UST received a special award on the occasion of 35 years of the Erasmus+ programme. The commemorative [...]


A collage of photos of student engineering projects. Going clockwise from the top: light solar plane, four-wheel Martian rover, solar boat with an operator inside during a race, and a prototype of a racing bolide.

More than PLN 1.4 million for the best student projects from the AGH UST

The Ministry of Education and Science announced the results of the third call for “Najlepsi z najlepszych! 4.0.” [...]


Decorative image with the logo and name of the competition.

The projects of our student research clubs awarded in the KoKoN competition

AGH Space Systems for the Kalman project and Eko-Energia for the wind turbine with a variable-diameter diffuser [...]


Photo from the award ceremony of the Academic Sports Gala. On a huge stage, the representatives of the three best universities are present. A row of people behind them. In the background, there is a gigantic pink screen that features an outline of a podium with the three best universities placed on the appropriate step of the podium.

The Academic Sports Gala concluded

On October 21, 2022 in Lublin, the official round-up of the 2021/2022 season of the Academic Championships of [...]


A team of scientists in lab coats presents a thermoelectric module they created.

AGH UST scientists created disruptive thermoelectric modules

To date, the technologies used to convert waste heat into electricity are characterised by low efficiency and high [...]


The AGH UST Campus, greenery behind the C-4 building. In the foreground in the bottom-right corner, there is a rainwater tank, a dark-grey barrel connected to the drainpipe of the adjacent building. In the middle of the photo, there are trees planted alongside a pavement that runs to the street in front of the A-4 building, which is visible in the background.

Rainwater tanks on the AGH UST campus. Safety buffer for infrastructure and benefit for greenery

On the premises of the AGH UST Campus, 30 rainwater tanks were installed. Because of this, university buildings [...]


Decorative image. Purple background. Shards with glimpses on scientists and equipment.

The best AGH UST academic teachers rewarded

On October 10, 2022, during an official gala at Klub STUDIO, the laureates of the Teaching Awards 2022 were [...]