Over 20 thousand medical face shields assembled at AGH UST

photo by Maciej Talar, KSAF AGH UST

Over 20 thousand assembled face shields for 207 institutions – that is the final result of the project “AGH UST Medical Shields for Medics” at the AGH University of Science and Technology. For nearly two months, the students and employees of the university made and assembled protective equipment for medical services, fire brigades, police, and municipal services. 

The success of the production of face shields was possible thanks to the work of volunteers. The initiative was joined in by over 100 students and their supervisors – university staff. The printing and assembling of the equipment was carried out in shifts, while maintaining the highest safety standards. 

For the purpose of the production of face shields at AGH UST, the university used 43 3D printers. It is worthwhile mentioning that over 100 individuals joined the action “Face shield with a corona”. Thanks to the commitment of other people and nearly thirty companies, it was possible to obtain parts indispensable for the production, as well as achieving such an impressive result. 

The face shields made at AGH UST have been sent to over 200 different institutions in 72 towns and cities in southern Poland, for example, Tarnów, Nowy Sącz, Jasło, Staszów, Skarżysko Kamienna, Racibórz, Katowice, Gliwice, Bielsko Biała, Zakopane, and Krynica. In Krakow, various centres and units have received 13,778 face shields, of which the majority has been received by the University Hospital in Krakow (about 2,400 pieces), and the Ludwik Rydygier Specialist Hospital in Krakow (1,275 pieces). Our employees and students have also equipped the Blood Donation Centre, the Centre of Oncology, nursing homes, the Polish Red Cross, Caritas Poland, local medical centres, ambulance stations, sanitary and epidemiological stations, and volunteer fire brigades. 

At the same time, a group from AGH UST are printing adapters for full-face masks. Thanks to these additional elements, the masks can be equipped with anti-virus filters and serve as highly effective protective equipment for medical staff. The Krakow ambulance station will receive in total 250 masks of this kind. 

On 8th May 2020, the volunteers from AGH UST assembled the last face shields. However, if there is again demand for this kind of equipment, the university is ready to re-launch production in order to support medical staff and medical services.