New building for the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science opened

photos by Zbigniew Sulima

On November 18, 2021, a ceremonial opening of a new AGH UST building took place. The facility will serve students and staff members of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science.

The 5-storey building with a cubic area of more than 21,000 m3 and a usable floor area of about 4,000 m2 was erected at 19 Reymonta Street. The facility comprises didactic rooms, laboratories, as well as lecture and seminar rooms. The new building was constructed to finally group together all faculty research teams that had been scattered across the AGH UST Campus.

The modern facility will constitute the foundation for the development of biophysics, both as a field of research and as a programme of study, at the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, which has received the right to confer postdoctoral qualifications in this discipline.

Additional space in the new building will promote the development of a dozen new specialised student workshops, including Modern Materials and Technologies, Computerisation of Measurements, and Condensed Matter Physics workshops. The new laboratories will allow students to develop the practical skills acquired during programmes of study, such as Technical Physics, Medical Physics, Applied Computer Science, Micro- and Nanotechnologies in Biophysics, and Nanoengineering of Materials. The use of the faculty infrastructure to organise periodic events popularising physical sciences among children and primary and secondary school students is not without significance. Three out of six departments have already transferred to the new facility. Almost 50 new rooms have been occupied by 60 employees and 24 doctoral students. Additionally, the underground level of the facility houses a storage room for radioactive materials and an underground parking lot for 22 vehicles.

The dynamically developing Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science boasts the highest scientific category: A+.

In this year’s admissions, the Applied Computer Science programme of study climbed to the top of the ranking in terms of the number of applications per spot (774 applications). In other words, 10 people applied for one spot. As a result, 163 people joined the student community of this programme.

The total value of the construction project, carried out by the Mostostal company, amounts to almost 10 million euros. The Ministry of Education and Science allocated about 1 million euros to the first stage of construction.