Celebrations of AGH UST’s 100th Anniversary have come to an end

In June 2020 we will be officially closing the Anniversary events. It was a magnificent festival for our entire University community: its staff, alumni and students. We have together created events which will go down in history. From now on, we can cherish them in our memories.

The grand opening of our 100th academic year, concerts, the ball, the commemorative exhibition looking back at the University’s foundation, presentations of student projects during the “Brainstorm”, a rally, the Alumni Reunion, and, last but not least, the highlight of the festivities held at the ICE Krakow Congress Centre: the official session of the AGH UST Senate and the musical and theatre performance entitled “Kids of Evolution” – they are now all a thing of the past...

Our readers are welcome to watch the film produced by the AGH UST Department for Information and Promotion showing the key events and projects which have made up the rich programme of anniversary festivities.

This is how we celebrated the occasion!