AGH UST’s 100th Anniversary Mural Competition winner announced

The winning design of a mural celebrating the 100th anniversary of AGH UST by Anna Wardęga

The winner of the AGH UST Anniversary Mural Competition has just been announced. The jury selected the design entered by Anna Wardęga, a student at Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts. The mural is scheduled for completion in early spring 2019.

The winning design is a very apt illustration of both the academic nature of the university as well as the specific atmosphere of the AGH UST Campus, where the painting will be displayed. The mural shows various scientific disciplines pursued within the University, including geodesy, space science, acoustics or renewable energy. The mural leaves the viewer with the impression that its main character is an AGH UST student, spotted during a university lecture, in a student dormitory or… in space. Futuristic elements incorporated into the design make one ponder about what the future holds for both AGH and its students as the University is at the threshold of its second century.

Anna Wardęga, the author of the winning design, comes from Cracow and is a 3rd year student at the Department of Painting of Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts. Another design by the young artist that won a 2018 mural competition can be viewed today on a wall of one of student dormitories in Wrocław.

The competition held to find the best design for a mural that will decorate one of the walls of a dormitory located on AGH UST Campus attracted a number of authors. 30 artists coming from all over Poland entered the competition, of whom 8 made it to stage 2. Between 20 and 27 November, Internet voters could pick their favourites, with the highest ranking design receiving 15 points, followed by second- and third-best entries, which were awarded 10 and 5 points respectively. All 8 designs reached the final stage, where they were judged by the Grand Jury. The final ranking was based on the sum of points for stages 2 and 3. The competing designs were judged by a team of judges composed of representatives of AGH UST and an expert from Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts. The author of the winning design received 5 thousand zlotys as the main prize.

The mural will be painted in the early spring of 2019 on the AGH UST Campus. The 16m x 15m painting will adorn the southern wall of ‘Stokrotka’ - a dormitory located at Rostafińskiego 2, Cracow and will be part of celebrations held within the urban space of the city on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our University. We should note perhaps, that this is going to be already second mural selected in an open competition to be unveiled on the AGH UST Campus. The first one was painted five years ago and can be admired on one of the walls of a tenement house located at Czarnowiejska Street in Cracow.