AGH UST students have built solar lamp in Tajikistan

As part of Project Tajikistan, AGH-UST students educated their Tajik peers on renewable energy technologies.

As many as 70 per cent of residents of Tajikistan are struggling with recurrent power cuts. AGH-UST students decided to make a difference. As part of Tajikistan Project, they educated their Tajik peers on renewable energy technologies. The project started with an online course on photovoltaics to be followed up by a visit to Dushanbe, where students from both countries jointly built a solar lamp.

The Tajikistan Project is an initiative launched by a group of four students from Faculty of Energy and Fuels: Joanna Maraszek, Anna Ścierska, Joanna Dubielewska and Hubert Stinia, who set out to share their knowledge of renewable energy sources with their Tajik peers in an attempt to address the problem of insufficient power supplies in central Asia.

In March 2017 AGH UST students started a one-year online course, during which they presented the principles of photovoltaics to twenty top students of Tajik Technical University based in the country’s capital city – Dushanbe. The remote classes covered the construction of a solar-powered street lamp.

The final stage of Tajikistan Project involved a visit of our students to Dushanbe. The project representatives met their counterparts in the Tajik capital, where they presented the possibilities of using solar cells. Then, based on the shared knowledge they jointly constructed a solar lamp. The device that comes with a measurement system will serve Tajik students as a real-life example of a practical application of photovoltaics as well as an innovative tool to be used for lab classes.

 What amazed us most was the students’ involvement and readiness to acquire knowledge we had shared with them. This meeting opened our eyes to how much we could achieve if only we cooperate. This cooperation is what we aim to develop – said Joanna Maraszek, the project’s author.

According to Hubert Stinia, workshop coordinator:
 The most important goal of our initiative was to broaden Tajik students’ perspective on the energy issues and as such, the project has been an unqualified success.

To achieve a long-term impact on Tajik community, the project will be followed up in local elementary schools. The students of Tajik Technical University who have completed the  training will deliver classes on renewable energy and fundamentals of engineering to pupils in Tajikistan. For this purpose they will use LEGO Lab blocks they received as gifts from Project Tajikistan coordinators.


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