AGH UST has been granted additional PLN 100m worth of funding by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) has awarded AGH University of Science and Technology with PLN 100m worth of additional funding in government bonds. The award will be spent on the implementation of the special ‘AGH UST Long-Term Plan’ announced by the University authorities on the occasion of 100th AGH UST Anniversary.

The Plan introduced by MNiSW in 2018 is already being implemented:

  • The first wing of the currently extended S-1 building is waiting for its first occupants representing research teams specialising in drilling technologies, geomechanics, geoenergetics, oil and gas engineering as well as automotive (electric, hybrid, autonomous) technologies, computer-aided design, medical technology and biomechanics;

  • The new building of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science is currently under construction. The new development will allow consolidation in one complex of many research groups, which are currently scattered around the entire campus;

  • D-8 building is currently being modernised to address the needs of various University units. It will eventually host research work in foundry engineering, cybersecurity and energy engineering;

  • We will soon see the start of a tendering procedure for the construction of a new multi-purpose sports facility, which will enable multifunctional use of the University’s sports infrastructure for qualified sport and recreation by all groups constituting Krakow’s academic community;

  • Working space and conditions for creating and supporting interdisciplinary student projects, including racing cars (AGH Racing), electric motorcycle (e-MOTO), solar boat (AGH Solar Boat), Mars rover (AGH Space Systems) will be soon provided by the Student Construction Centre as preparatory work on the Centre’s documentation has entered its final stage.

Further projects awaiting implementation include:

  • the next wing of S-1 building to be used by  research teams conducting studies into drilling technology, geomechanics, geoenergetics, oil and gas engineering as well as automotive (electric, hybrid autonomous) technology, computer-aided design, medical technology and biomechanics;

  • the second wing of C-7 Building to be used by the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Foreign Languages to meet their teaching needs.

The ‘research university’ status awarded to the AGH UST will add new tasks and priorities to the plan.

The University authorities applied for PLN 167.8m worth of funding (according to 2017 estimates). The amount awarded in government bonds is a big step towards securing the successful execution of the plan, albeit not the last one.