A few words from AGH UST Rector to University Community

Dear AGH UST Employees and Students,   

The dramatic situation that we are experiencing, that the whole world is experiencing, unfortunately continuous. We have reorganised the activities of our university and, to the best out our abilities, we are controlling its operations. We are teaching online classes and carrying out indispensable research, we are preparing publications, and while observing safety precautions, we are maintaining all services of the university that are important to employees and students. 

I am impressed by the responsible and exemplary behaviour of the AGH UST FAMILY. 

To all the employees and students involved in the operations of our university and the student campus in this exceptional situation, with all my heart I would like to say “Thank you”. I would also like to thank all those individuals who respect our ordinance and instructions, and who stay in and work from home. 

Dear Readers, Take care of yourselves! AGH UST people never give up! This epidemic will end one day and the normal days will come back, and we will have learnt a valuable lesson from the bad experiences that we had never had before in our lifetime. Let’s hope this experience will decrease our feeling of superiority towards Life on Earth. 

Dear Friends, Be brave, be thoughtful, have strength to survive, and regardless of all obstacles, try and keep up your spirits every day. And first of all, all the best to you and your families, friends, and relatives. 

Tadeusz Słomka   

PS And to finish off, here is a thought: It’s so nice when it’s just normal.