100 years of AGH UST – promotional video

Please watch our promotional video made for the centenary year of the AGH University of Science and Technology. 

The film, made on the occasion of 100 years of AGH UST, presents the history of the university in a cross-sectional way. A dynamically changing sequence of photographs shows the impressive development of AGH UST in view of transformations that took place in the last one hundred years thanks to science and technology – starting from the interwar period, when the Academy was a leader in the field of developing mining and metallurgical industries, until the present time of a modern university that conducts interdisciplinary scientific research and develops innovative technologies.  

The video contains unique footage, historical photographs, as well as contemporary film materials. The leitmotif combining all pictures are people of great passion and commitment who created and still create our university – this idea is a result of AGH UST’s several-year image campaign under the name of KNOWLEDGE – PASSION – BOND, being part of the celebrations of 100 years of the university.  

The video starts with the footage of the oldest film material about AGH UST kept in the National Film Archive. The 1923 news report entitled “President Wojciechowski in Krakow”, the gem of silent cinema, documents lying the foundation act for the building of the Mining Academy. The footage of the ceremony, which took place on 15th June 1923, shows a military parade moving through the streets of Krakow, as well as a historic moment of signing the foundation act by Stanisław Wojciechowski, President of Poland. Directly behind the president, the clip shows professor Jan Studniarski, Rector of the Mining Academy in the years 1922-1924. The entire, over three-minute long film report was made by Albert Wywerka. The material was made available by the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute. 

The subsequent part of the video is based on photo narration:  

  • The sequence starts with a photo taken in 1912, and shows the founders of the university; 
  • A laboratory photo, taken in the academic year 1926/1927, shows the students of the Mining Academy in the Institute of Metallography at Krzemionki;  
  • A photo of the university authorities was taken during the inauguration of the academic year 1932/1933. In the picture (from the left): professor Walery Goetel – Dean of the Mining Faculty, professor Zygmunt Sariusz-Bielski – University Rector, professor Władysław Takliński – Vice-Rector of the University, professor Mieczysław Jeżewski – Dean of the Metallurgical Faculty; 
  • The next photograph shows the distinguished participants of a ball on the steps in the main university building. The ball took place in December 1938, and was one of the events on the occasion of 20 years of the Mining Academy; 
  • The last photograph shows university students during a lecture.  

The photographs come from the AGH UST Archive, and the collection kept by the National Digital Archives. 

The contemporary photos of AGH UST students and employees show the following places: the representative hall in the main university building, the interiors of the Centre of Computer Science, the Service Centre for Scientific Research and Teaching, the anechoic chamber in the Laboratory of Technical Acoustics, the hall of the Experimental Foundry, the Laboratory of Mining Machinery, the Laboratory of Thin Layers, Nanostructures and Photoelectron Spectroscopy, the Laboratory Industry 4.0, the Laboratory of Laser Ablation and Nanolithography, the assembly hall of the Teaching Centre, the AGH UST Student Campus, Club STUDIO, Music Studio “Kotłownia” (English: Boiler House), and the dome of the AGH UST satellite observatory. 

The promotional video was produced by the AGH UST Department for Information and Promotion. We would like to thank all staff and students for their kind cooperation during the making of this film.