Third place and awards for E-moto AGH at SmartMoto Challenge Wrocław

photos from private archive of E-Moto AGH

SmartMoto Challenge Wrocław saw the E-Moto AGH Team win the Best Body Design Award and the Best Battery Package Solution. The vehicles constructed by AGH UST students won third spot in overall rankings: this year’s Staszic in the 30kW nominal power category, and the motorcycle which debuted last year – in the 8kW class.

The E-moto team started getting ready for SmartMoto Challenge Wrocław the moment they came back from the Barcelona event earlier this year. Members of AGH UST student research associations: Mechanics, Hydrogenium and Spectrum improved some of the components and fixed technical issues in both motorcycles.

The proper competition was preceded by weighing and testing the machines to make sure their design and set-up complied with the rules of the event. On the first day of the competition the participating teams tried their luck in the static events (presentation of business plan and technical documentation) and one of the dynamic events – acceleration, which is where the motorcycle launched by AGH UST last year came second.

On the next day, an accompanying event called Electromobility Festival was held on the Wrocław University of Technology Campus. The event offered all participants a wealth of attractions, including test drives in cars and electric scooters. One of the day’s highlights was the electrifying Acceleration+ test, with Staszic being in a class of its own.

The last day of the competition was a real challenge for all machines. The notoriously difficult Kilimandżaro track hosted two events: Endurotrack, in which the participants complete one lap on the track and Endurance, where two riders ride, in turn, five laps each, with no timeout. Despite occasional falls, both motorcycles from AGH UST successfully finished all races. The track prepared by the organisers was technically very difficult, so both the machines and the riders had to be in their best shape. On the same day, the motorcycles competed also in slalom, which Staszic completed as the winner in its category.

SmartMoto Challenge Wrocław, whose main organisers were members of Mobile Robots and Vehicles Student Research Association from Wrocław University of Technology, was held between 24 and 26 August 2018. It was the first event of this kind to be organised in Poland – so far, the only cities to host SmartMoto cups were Barcelona and Moscow. The AGH University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology and Moscow-based RUDN University entered two motorcycles each, while the Silesian University of Technology presented just one machine. The winner in the 8kW category was the motorcycle from the Silesian University of Technology, while WUT’s LEM Wrocław won the 30kW class.

The SmartMoto Challenge is a competition addressed to student teams of young constructors, whose main task is to independently design and construct an electric motorcycle. Prior to the event, the organisers announce what major purpose the participating vehicles are expected to serve. Two years ago, the challenge was to develop an electric motorcycle for police forces, while this time, the main theme of the competition was motocross. When designing machines, students had to consider several specific features, including the frame, chassis, suspension, braking system, control and power supply.

The main goal of the competition is to make practical use of the knowledge acquired at university in real-life industry projects. It is not only the motor’s performance that counts for the judges during the event, but also the team’s skills in the business environment.