The Mining and Metallurgy Brewery launches share issue

On 6 June 2019 the Mining and Metallurgy Brewery to be soon opened at STUDIO Club launched its first share issue. Everyone can become a shareholder through online purchase of the company's securities. The small brewery will contribute to the official celebrations of the 100th AGH UST Anniversary.

In the final stage of preparations for the establishment of the brewing operations, the Brewery is raising capital through a crowdfunding-based public stock offering. All those who will take up shares will become Brewery’s shareholders. One share is worth 5 Polish zlotys, with the minimum required stock of  100 shares worth PLN 500.  All shareholders will additionally receive a registered security created in co-operation with the Polish Security Printing Works. What is more, each participant may, depending on the amount of the capital contributed, expect to be offered some rewards, including special price discounts on the Brewery’s products, invitations to concerts held at Studio Club or, last but not least, the possibility of brewing one’s own beer. 500 000 shares will be issued to the total value of PLN 2.5m.

The capital raised through the issuance of shares will be spent almost in its entirety on a new production line comprising a brewhouse, fermentation tanks, a bottling plant and an installation for drawing beer straight from the tank. The beer-making process will be based on the production line delivered by a global leader in the brewing sector – the Kaspar Schultz company. If the stock issuance proves successful, the first brewing at BGH will commence already in autumn this year and the beer will be available for consumption in the first quarter of 2020.

The Mining and Metallurgy Brewery as an AGH UST initiative will be given a scientific dimension. Currently, the company is launching cooperation not only with AGH UST, but also with Kraków’s University of Agriculture and Krakow School of Brewing as well as other European schools and universities educating brewing experts. Plans are under way to organise joint research projects, co-ordinated implementation of an educational programme as well as the transfer of knowledge and technologies between the institutions involved.

The Mining and Metallurgy Brewery makes clear references to the rich traditions combining beer making, mining and AGH UST, which is best demonstrated in the traditional approach to Miner’s Day and Steelworker’s Day celebrations. Many beer mugs, which the University has been ordering specially for the occasion for several decades, have been preserved to this day. The issuance of shares is expected to involve in the project the community of University students, personnel and graduates as well as its fans and everyone interested. The 100th AGH UST Anniversary will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a strong and committed community around the Brewery.

To find out more on the Mining and Metallurgy Brewery and how to register for BGH shares visit www.bgh.com.pl.