Rector’s announcement: temporary changes to University operations

Members of the University CommunityMembers of Staff,
Doctoral and Regular Students

Regarding: Current pandemic status and the necessary actions undertaken by the AGH UST

The peak of yet another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic comes with a surge in the number of infections among staff members and students (including doctoral students) as well as their close contacts being put into quarantine as a result of those infections.

Having regard to the above, let me point to some selected provisions of our internal rules and regulations, strict adherence to which is of paramount importance in the present circumstances:

  • follow the DDM rule: Distance – Disinfection - Masks,
  • strictly adhere to the ban on physical attendance on the AGH UST premises if you show any symptoms of illness,
  • reduce to an absolute minimum any classroom-based instruction held on the University premises,
  • be prepared to see the scope of your remote work significantly extended for the period of the next three weeks if your work can be delivered remotely,
  • reduce to an absolute minimum any personal contact; instead, attend to your needs and duties remotely, whenever possible, by means of the University email, telephones and other available tools,
  • visitors from outside the University are not allowed on the AGH UST premises.

In order to ensure that some of the above-mentioned recommendations can be successfully implemented I have introduced, effective until 18 April 2021, temporary amendments to the currently enforceable Rector’s Order no. 73/2020, which include as follows:

  • access to the AGH UST buildings will only be only available to the members of staff, doctoral and regular students as well as any persons providing services for the AGH UST or conducting business operations on the AGH UST premises,
  • the full operational mode otherwise required from the University units will be replaced with on-call arrangements being put in place for addressing ongoing issues,  
  • the obligation to keep records of duties performed remotely by the staff members will be suspended,
  • head of units will be authorised to define payroll arrangements for work delivered by the members of staff in the period in question.

Vice-Rectors for Education, Student Affairs and Science will issue detailed recommendations for teaching classes to students on degree programmes, doctoral education as well as any other student activity.

I kindly ask each and every one of you to adhere to the rules and recommendations the heads of the University units are hereby kindly requested to implement.

I wish you all good health in this challenging period.

Kind regards

Professor Jerzy Lis
AGH UST Rector